Fairytale Branch Crystal Crown

Fairytale Branch Crystal Crown


Fairytale crystal crown is enchanting with magical crystal gems! Our geometric branch quartz crown has healing crystal vibes worthy of a boho babe! This is a gorgeous accessory with raw, rough and matte quartz crystals. We use branch charms and a matching band color of your choice on this sparkling geometric raw and aura cluster crown. An effortless embellishment for any occasion! We use unexposed wiring to highlight the natural beauty of the stones. A magical headpiece for the most beautiful goddess! We make our bases so they are comfortable, hold securely and can be adjusted to head size for maximum comfort!

Branch/Metal Color: Choose Silver, Gold or Bronze Copper

Crystal Type: Clear Raw Quartz

This item is made to order, gems may vary slightly from picture as each crystal is beautiful in its uniqueness.

Branch Color:
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