Obsidian Moon Crown

Obsidian Moon Crown


Mystical High Priestess Moon Crown is handcrafted with rough and raw clear quartz and obsidian, then accented with a moon charm. This enchantress design composed of rough jagged crystal points adorn witchy goddesses. We strategically place the gems so that it sits atop the head comfortably and the band is designed to stay put! If needed carefully adjust the band wider or more narrow for a comfort fit! Use simple bobby pins on the band for a more secure hold. This headpiece is suited for a most magickal high priestess!

Metal Color: Black

Crystal Type: Clear Raw Quartz, Black Obsidian

Crystal Height: 0.5 to 1.5 inches at tallest center point

Wear as a headband or as a crown with crystals pointed up.

This item is made to order, gems may vary slightly from picture as each crystal is beautiful in its uniqueness.

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