Quartz Tower Crown

Quartz Tower Crown


Magical Quartz Tower Crown is handcrafted with a sparkly quartz tower, polished quartz, black coated quartz, silver quartz, and obsidian. We wrapped each individual gem with unexposed wiring to highlight the natural beauty of the stones. We handcraft the band so it is comfortable, holds securely and is flexible so it can be carefully adjusted to head size. For extra support you can use simple bobby pins to secure in place. This headpiece is suited for a most magical high priestess!

Metal Color: Black

Crystal Type: Quartz,Polished Quartz, Silver Quartz, Coated Black Quartz, Obsidian

Wear as a headband or as a crown with crystals pointed up.

This item is made to order, gems may vary slightly from picture as each crystal is beautiful in its uniqueness.

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