Our Magical Dimension


Magical crystals created by the divine Mother Earth sit atop a handcrafted crown to adorn all free spirited souls. At Fawn & Sparrow, we handcraft each piece using genuine gemstones handpicked for their beauty and spiritual powers.

Crystals have long been used to harness positivity, balance the aura, and create an environment in tune with the powers of the Universe. Fawn & Sparrow combine powerful combinations of these mystical crystals in each piece and present them to all ethereal Goddesses.

Each piece is created to mimic the beauty that the crystals exude in their natural form. We design each piece with minimally exposed wiring to highlight the natural beauty of the stones. With comfort a priority, our headdresses are arranged to wear with ease and are adjustable to head size.

Connect to the miraculous healing power of crystals with a touch of modern magic!


Fawn & Sparrow